I’ve read a few option books.
THANKS... This is probably the most comprehensive "greeks" article/book I’ve read.

Wonderful blog. …..
A wonder wealth of knowledge there. Thanks so much for your kindness in publishing it!

Thank you very much for the most concise and simplest option intro. Highly recommended.

So far, yours is the best blog/site on basic options notes in the web that I have chanced upon.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Another Problems With Blogger

I’m having another problems with the Blogger. I couldn’t make any posting. My “Create Post” template looks weird. The horizontal task bar is transposed to vertical bar. Luckily, I manage to find the solution to this problem from the Blogger Forum, so now I can make this posting. But I am still having a problem with my “Layout” template in the Blogger. The “Add Page Element” is now missing. I am still trying to find the solution to this problem.

Anyway, I will do more postings soon to catch up. Have a nice day!