I’ve read a few option books.
THANKS... This is probably the most comprehensive "greeks" article/book I’ve read.

Wonderful blog. …..
A wonder wealth of knowledge there. Thanks so much for your kindness in publishing it!

Thank you very much for the most concise and simplest option intro. Highly recommended.

So far, yours is the best blog/site on basic options notes in the web that I have chanced upon.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Finally The Blogger Problem Is Solved!

After being in an “agony” for over one week, finally the posting, editing and layout problems in the Blogger are resolved! In fact, these problems are not due to Blogger system, but because of the internet service provider issues. Thanks to the suggestions from people with the same “fate” in Blogger Help Group that now we have a solution to this problem. Even though it’s only a temporary solution, I am happy enough so long as I can blog properly now. Have a good day!


gerimegaly said...

Hi, thx for dropping by my blogs over at mybloglog. Current I am actively Trading Index Futures (thus my Futures-Trading Blog is updated daily) whilst my Options Blog is really more of a learning blog.
BTW, how long have you been trading Options? And are you based in the States? I am from Singapore.

Do let me know if you are keen to exchange links with my Futures-Trading Blog.



Hi gerimegaly,

Thanks for being the first one to leave a comment here. :)
Sorry for the late in response. Had some problems with Blogger again.

I'm not very familiar with Futures Trading. I'll definitely visit your Futures Trading blog when I want to learn more about it. :)

I've been trading for about a year. Still have a lot to learn.

Hope you drop by again in the future. :)

Regards & Good Trading

gerimegaly said...

Hi Options Trading Beginner,

no problem...we all have to start somewhere.
By the way, let me know if you are keen to exchange links.


Hi gerimegaly,

Sure... I'll let you know later when I'm creating my blogroll.