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Monday, May 28, 2007

List of Some Online Stock Option Brokers

Here is the list of some online stock option brokers. Hope this can help you doing the research. :)
(Clicking on the following links will bring you directly to the options info page).

* Interactive Brokers
* OptionsXpress
* Thinkorswim
* Scottrade
* TD Ameritrade
* E*Trade Financial
* Schwab
* Fidelity
* TradeStation
* Trade King
* Trading Direct
* MB Trading
* Zecco
* OptionsHouse
* TradeMonster

I’m sure this list is not complete. Please feel free to inform me if you know other online options brokers that are not listed above. I will add it in the list. Thanks. :)

Update 1 Jun 07:
Steven of Value Blog Review has done a great job. He did a research and made comparisons of option trades’ prices for contracts in various sizes (1 contract, 10 contracts, and 50 contracts) for various discount online stock option brokers. Here is his post: Discount Online Option Stock Brokers. Very informative. I also added MB Trading and Zecco in the above list based on his info.

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Bill Luby said...

An excellent start to this blog, which I'm sure many will find to be an invaluable resource as they dip their toe in the options world for the first time -- or just contemplate that possibility.

Best of luck and welcome to the blogosphere,


OptionPundit said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I think your blog provides valuable information for the beginners who might be looking for simple explaination of complex world.

Keep the good work on.
Profitable trading,


Hi Bill & OptionPundit,

Thank you so much... :)
I really like your blogs too.
Have been learning a lot from your blogs.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Your list of online brokers seems pretty extensive as well. An invaluable site that I found that actually provides concise and straight-forward reviews of the various online brokers listed above is: Online-Broker-Review.com.

Finding a broker that fits you and your trading patterns best is quite personal, use this site and others like www.online-broker-review.com to help you find the one that's best for you.
Best of wishes and happy trading!
Again, great site.

Anonymous said...

Lowtrades $4.95 trades +.60c/contract

ChoiceTrade $0 trades + .99c/contract (with $8.95 minimum)

NobleTrading $7.95 trades + $1/contract

TradingDirect $9.95 plus $1/contract

Marsco $3.95 trades + 1.25/contract

FirstTrade $6.95 trades + .75c/contract

It would be nice if you also post the rates and commissions like I just did so we can all compare them

dj said...

Hey John H, your recommended review site appears to be nothing but a bunch of sponsored links. What's up with that?