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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Firefox Saves My Days

Few weeks ago, I encountered some problems with New Blogger, such as unable to upload pictures / images in a post, unable to add new page element as the “Add a Page Element” links disappear from the “Layout”, and also cannot edit the existing page element.

After spending some times trying to find the solutions in the Blogger Help Group, I managed to fix the problems. One suggestion from the Blogger Help Group to solve such problems is to change the browsers. For instance, if you use Windows IE, try to change to Mozilla Firefox, and vice versa.

Normally, I used Windows Internet Explorer (IE) as my browser. When I faced those problems, I change the browser to Mozilla Firefox. Quite often, those problems can be fixed simply by changing the browser to Mozilla Firefox. Although this doesn’t work all the time, at least it’s worth trying.

Just sharing my experience about Blogger. Perhaps it can be useful for fellow bloggers who also use Blogger system (Blogspot).

For non-bloggers, check out JMOT’s post on how Firefox has saved his browsing time tremendously. Firefox indeed can improve efficiency in browsing speed. :)

Have a nice day!


JMOT said...

Hi OTB, thanks for mentioning my post :) Yep, Firefox is really the one for me :) But upcoming, I will be monitoring Safari very closely. It was being touted by Steve Jobs as the fastest Internet browser during WWDC 07.