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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Trading Educational Videos from Trading Gurus

Do you want to learn some trading tips & techniques from famous trading experts/gurus? Some more, it’s absolutely FREE….. Just want to share with you few wonderful trading educational resources to grab that opportunity.

There are 4 trading educational videos from trading experts/gurus' seminar/conference, which you can watch for free:

1) A New Look at Exit Strategies by Charles Le Beau
Charles Le Beau co-authored a book on futures trading, Computer Analysis of the Futures Market. He is registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and a noted developer of trading systems.

Many new traders - the majority, in fact - suffer big losses because of a lack of planning and understanding in setting up a sound exit strategy.
In this 90-minutes video, Chuck Le Beau reveals the secrets to gaining bigger profits for trading stocks, futures or options, i.e. the methods he has used for years as a successful institutional trader, particularly in the area of exit strategies.

2) Classic Indicators - Back to the Future by Linda Raschke
Linda Raschke has been a full-time professional trader for over 20 years. She was featured in Jack Schwager's book, The New Market Wizards. In 1995, she co-authored the best selling book, Street Smarts, High Probability Short Term Trading Strategies.

In this 75-minute video of a first-rate keynote address given at a recent international trading conference, Linda shares her favourite trading techniques that you'll watch over and over again! Here, you can definitely learn some valuable trading techniques using classic indicators, how to stay disciplined and what it takes to keep you running at full speed.

3) I Am a Turtle by Russell Sands
A famous trading guru Richard Dennis reportedly made a bet with his long-time friend, William Eckhardt, nearly 25 years ago. Dennis believed that successful trading was an activity that could be learned rather than an innate ability, whereas Eckhardt believed otherwise.
To settle this dispute, in 1983, Dennis recruited and trained 13 people who became known as the "Turtles." The program with the Turtles ended in 1988 and became a legendary trading experiment. Many turtles have gone on to successful careers as commodity trading advisors.

Russell Sands was one of the students trained by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt, who achieved fame as the "Turtles”.

In this video of his seminar (93 minutes), Russell shows the exact criteria that the Turtles were taught to use in order to get a handle on which breakouts or types of breakouts have a higher probability of succeeding, which have the potential to become the kind of monster trend the Turtles are famous for riding to enormous profits.
He also itemizes a list of approximately 20 different criteria and/or conditions that the Turtles examine every time they look to initiate a trade. He then explains each item carefully and demonstrates the effectiveness of each by looking at current charts of various markets.

4) Avoiding Common Trading Pitfalls by Mark Cook
Mark Cook, with more than 20 years trading experiences, is well-known for his Cook Cumulative Tick™ Indicator, which gained acclaim by winning the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship with an astounding 563.8% return.
His own early trading years were difficult, but as he struggled for success, he gained valuable experience and learned what makes - and breaks - a trader.

In this video (86 minutes), Mark reveals how he uses common sense and hard work in just the right proportions to dramatically improve his trading success. After viewing this video, you'll come away with a realistic perspective on how much money you can expect to earn with your trading and how much time you'll need to spend to achieve your goals.

As mentioned above, the good news is that all the above 4 trading educational videos are FREE.
You can watch these trading videos by following this link.

All you need to do to watch the videos FOR FREE is simply by clicking the “SIGN UP” button on that page in the provided link, and fill up a simple form to register. That’s it!

So, enjoy...! I’d suggest that you grab this opportunity as soon as possible…. while it’s still free! ;)

Update as per 22 Nov 2008:
The 4 videos mentioned above are no longer available for free.
However, don’t worry!
There are 4 new free trading educational videos from other trading experts you can learn from. Don’t miss this chance anymore! :)
Just click the “Sign Up” button in that page and fill up the registration form in order to watch the videos for FREE.
For more info about the new trading videos, read this post: Free Trading Educational Videos You Should Not Miss.


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On the educational market there is Yobler.com as well