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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trading Quotes from “The Logical Trader” by Mark B. Fisher – Part 2

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There are some more good trading quotes from the book, The Logical Trader.

Hope these can give you some insights for trading psychology.
Why do I like this kind of trading quotes? Because in my opinion, trading psychology plays very important part in trading success.
So, enjoy!

I Have No Clue
If a market is making a substantial move and traders seem to understand why, this market trend is not going to last very long.
However, if the market is moving in one direction and nobody has no clue as to why, then the trend is going to be prolonged.

When a market goes up or down for no apparent reason, it tends to go a lot further in that direction than people can imagine.

Be The House
The more time you spend at the table, the more bets you are going to place, and the greater the probability that you will eventually walk out of the casino as a loser. The casino would rather not have someone make a single large wager and, win or lose, immediately walk away.
What the house wants is for you to keep playing. The passage of time is the casino’s best friend and the player’s worst enemy.

Money Management
If the odds are in your favor of making a profit with your trading system, then keep your trade size consistent, cut your losses short, and know that, over time, you’ll be successful.

Fear and Greed
The two key ingredients that every trader needs to posses in the right combination in order to be successful – namely, fear and greed.

You need to have enough fear in you, meaning a healthy amount of respect for the market that you are participating in.
Allowing yourself that you are always right, especially when the market is clearly dictating that you are dead wrong, is a sure path toward trading disaster.

However, fear is not enough.
A trader must also have a healthy amount of greed.
You must be willing and able to press winning trades and allow these once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences to develop into large scale winners.
Sometimes it takes an iron will and a great deal of patience to be able to max out on these particular trades.

Staying Out Of The Penalty Box
The key to the whole puzzle is discipline, the more you have, the better you’ll trade.
The best traders have incredible amounts of discipline when they have a trading position on. They cut their losses and run. That’s the hardest thing on the world for a lot of other traders.
Maybe you’re bullish on the market, but your indicators say to get out. After you do, the market goes up this one time. Then you question your system. But if you stick with the system, you’ll be a lot better off.


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