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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trading Tips Video

As usual, I like to share good stuff, which I think can be useful for my readers here. Check out this trading tips video!

I like this video, as it shares many practical trading tips in the real example, such as:
* The use of Fibonacci Retracement
* Identifying support and resistance
* Where to place the stop loss
* Estimating price target
* What you can infer when the certain stock/market shows “abnormal” behavior as compared to the overall market sentiments.
* etc.

I think I’d deem myself “selfish” if I don’t share this video with you, because I can learn many trading tips from this short video. Simply love it…
How you can benefit from this too. :)

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Opinionated Investor said...

This is a very nice video. I also encourage anyone interested in investing for themselves to watch this video also.

AMIT said...

Nice video n work.

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