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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trading Video: Double Tops and Pivot Points Explained

A number of readers asked me if I’m going to write about reversal patterns (such as Double Tops / Bottoms, Triple Tops / Bottoms, Head & Shoulders Tops / Bottoms, etc.), as so far I only have posts on continuation patterns.
The answer is yes, it’s on my plan. While the articles on reversal patterns are still under preparation (coming soon, I promise), I found a cool trading video, which shares about Double Tops pattern.

Double Tops is one of the most frequently seen and common patterns, which can be traded in different time frames.
This video gives an example on Double Tops pattern under 15-min chart for S&P 500 on 6 Apr 09.
Hope you can learn something from this video.

Got this video from Trader’s Blog. It’s a great blog.
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