I’ve read a few option books.
THANKS... This is probably the most comprehensive "greeks" article/book I’ve read.

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A wonder wealth of knowledge there. Thanks so much for your kindness in publishing it!

Thank you very much for the most concise and simplest option intro. Highly recommended.

So far, yours is the best blog/site on basic options notes in the web that I have chanced upon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How much are you paying per course?

Even in these tough economic times companies are still trying to exploit people’s desire to expand their trading minds!

Companies are charging hundreds and even thousands for access to 2-3 hours’ worth of mediocre education from their own experts. If anyone has actually paid for the education, they quickly realize that in order to continue and get the “expanded education” they need to continue to spend! It’s all a vicious cycle to separate you from your hard earned pay checks without actually providing you with worthwhile material.

There is only one place where you have access to over 150 experts and 500 hours of seminars, for one price and that’s INO TV.

INO TV gives its 30,000 members access to massive amounts of educational material that has been handpicked to provide you with the most for the least. If you’ve been duped in the past, here is your way to get back at those companies… learn something and stretch your pay check!

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Full access to INO TV will not cost you thousands, and won’t cost you hundreds. A full year subscription is only 99.95. Yes, access to the world’s top experts, streaming on demand, and new authors being added monthly, will not cost you a month’s salary.

It’s important that you continue to design your trading methods that fit your lifestyle, and with INO TV you can do that with access to hundreds of experts who have done it before and want to show you their strategies.

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