I’ve read a few option books.
THANKS... This is probably the most comprehensive "greeks" article/book I’ve read.

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A wonder wealth of knowledge there. Thanks so much for your kindness in publishing it!

Thank you very much for the most concise and simplest option intro. Highly recommended.

So far, yours is the best blog/site on basic options notes in the web that I have chanced upon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trading Educational Videos: Option Greeks, Learn Technical Analysis from John Murphy, and Market Wizard

The video to learn some technical tips from Dan Gramza for free is no longer available.
Nevertheless, there are other new free trading educational videos, which are even more interesting. Don’t miss this chance anymore! Summaries on what the videos are all about are below.
To watch all the videos mentioned below, just click the “Sign Up” button in that page and fill up the registration form in order to watch the videos for FREE.

How much do you know about the “Greeks”?
No matter what the investment, an investor needs to know and fully understand the potential risks of the investment prior to committing capital to that investment. In the options market, the Greeks define and quantify the risks of your position before you commit to the investment. Understanding the Greeks is a must for proper risk management. Further, the Greeks can also help you identify and select not only the proper strategy to fit the opportunity you selected, but also which specific options to use to create that specific strategy.

Without a full understanding of the risks of an investment, an investor should never commit hard earned money. If you do not know your Greeks, you have no business being in the options market! So, option traders or those who are keen to learn options, don't miss this video.
Learn more about Greeks from the option expert in this video. Grab it now before it's no longer available for free.

Learn Technical Analysis from Award Winning Author
John Murphy has written 8 highly touted technical analysis books and today you’ll be sitting in on one of his seminars for no expense. His expertise is known the world over, his teaching style is impeccable, and he’s agreed to give access to a limited number of people for one of his most sought after seminars!

John’s seminars are usually reserved for an elite few, so please take advantage of the chance to learn from a man with over 30 years successfully trading using technical analysis, by watching this video.

What makes a Market Wizard?
How much do you think you could learn if you had a chance to sit down with over 15 of the most successful day, value, and long term investors of all time? Do you think you’d finally get that one piece of advice that takes your trading from OK to extraordinary? Today you have the chance to pick the brain of one man who has sat down with experts and got your top questions answered.

The key ingredient with ‘super-traders’ isn’t as complicated as you think, as most of them share the same traits and behavioral patterns, but it’s how they put them to work in the markets that sets them apart.
So, find out what sets ‘super-traders’ apart in this video.