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Monday, July 12, 2010

THREE WHITE SOLDIERS - Bullish Candlestick Pattern

Three White Soldiers is a 3-day bottom reversal / bullish reversal formation.
It could occur at the end of a downtrend, or during a pullback within an uptrend, or at the support.

The appearance of Three White Soldiers pattern signals that higher prices are likely ahead.
This pattern is more powerful particularly when it appears after an extended decline followed by sideways movement.

Three White Soldiers pattern consists of 3 consecutive long white candlesticks that occur during a downward price trend.
The opening price of Candles 2 and 3 of the pattern should be lower than the previous day's closing price (i.e. The prices open within the previous day’s body).
And all the 3 candles should close near or at their highs, and make new highs in each day.

Since all the 3 candles should close near or at their highs, the upper shadows of the Three White Soldiers formation are normally short, or even no shadow in some cases.

This pattern is formed when the prices are in oversold condition, and indicate a sign that the bears might have lack of conviction in the current downtrend.
On 1st day, due to increasing buying pressure, the price closes above its opening price.
On 2nd and 3rd days, it seems that as if the bears want to regain controls, as the price opens lower than the previous day’s close. However, by the end of each day, the buyers’ strength overcomes the earlier bears, causing the price to move up to a new closing high (i.e. the price closes at higher levels than the previous day’s closing price).

The Three White Soldiers pattern does not occur very frequently. However, when it does occur, traders / investors should be very alert, because their appearance indicates a period of strong buying pressure, and hence the reliability of this pattern is likely to be very high.

The reliability of this pattern tends to increase in the following conditions:
1) Longer white candlesticks’ body.
However, it should not be too long as well because if the white candlesticks are too long (over-extended), traders / investors would worry that the market could be overbought by now and hence may pause accordingly.
2) Shorter upper shadow of the candles.
3) The opening prices of the 2nd and 3rd days can be anywhere within the previous day's body. However, it is better to see the opening prices to be above the middle of the previous day's body. The higher a candle opens compared to the prior candle, the stronger the chance of a continued reversal.
4) Increase in trading volume.

Although the reliability of this pattern is likely to be very high, but it is always better to substantiate this signal with other technical indicators to confirm that the momentum is actually changing.

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